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Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics

Call Us Today to Uncover Electronic Information:

    Every case today potentially involves a computer, mobile phone or GPS as part of evidence collection and analysis. We have the expertise and specialized tools to find, and present the digital information you need. Here are examples of cases that involve electronic evidence:

    • Example 1 - Improper Use of Company Assets - Employees sometimes use company assets in a way that can endanger or damage your business! Lets say you suspect "Jerry" is using a company computer to run an outside business, but has hidden the needed information. Travis Investigations uses its tools and expertise to find that information. Perhaps "Jerry" is also sharing company intellectual knowledge with competitors. Again, we work to uncover and document this computer use and determine what information has been compromised.

    • Example 2 - Cheating wife or husband: Often cheaters utilize alternate means of communication including email, text messaging, Facebook, MySpace, Adult Friend Finder, and others to contact illicit lovers. Many cheaters gain a false sense of protection from the anonymity provided by the Internet and therefore utilize online interactions with greater frequency and blatancy than more traditional means of communication.  While these types of communications are more easily disguised than overt telephone conversations or face-to-face interactions, we can identify and document them for you.

    • Example 3 - Danger to a Family Member: You suspect your young family member "Kelly" has an inappropriate relationship with someone online. Most children today conduct much of their social life online. Real identities and motivations are easier to hide. We can uncover chat logs, email and other evidence that will help you identify the parties in question and document the behavior.

    There are many other examples! Chances are, we can help you recover the information you need. We are licensed experts: The computer forensic experts at Travis Investigations, Inc. specialize in obtaining data from electronic devices including but not limited to: cell phones, smart phones, laptops, and desktops. They are often capable of locating information even if the device’s owner has deleted the original correspondence or account in question. We also use industry accepted methods and tools that can be used in legal proceedings if necessary.

    Call or email us today before your electronic evidence is gone forever! - Electronic information can degrade or be completely destroyed if too much time passes. Call us today to see how we can help you with your specific situation.

    Certified Computer Forensics Expert

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