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Security for Parents of Teen Drivers with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you know where your teen is?

There is no longer any need to worry when your teen borrows the family car. You will now have the ability to locate the cars exact position by using any internet connected computer, and a standard web browser. You can even define what the permitted area the vehicle may travel in, and be notified if it leaves your specified zone.

Most accidents occur because the vehicle was travelling at an unsafe speed. You will automatically be notified in seconds if your car exceeds the specified speed limit. You can even go back up to 90 days, and view a detailed history of your vehicle's position at any time, the speed it was traveling, and much more.

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GPS Fleet and Industrial Vehicle Tracking

Security for your fleet vehicles

Your fleet vehicles are one of the largest expenses in operating your company. Now you can protect your investment with our VT-X5 GPS Live Tracking device. The location of the vehicle will be displayed in an online map, and it's position will be updated in as little as five seconds!

Remote Security

No longer will you have to send out your employees on unsupervised trips in your company vehicles.Track your vehicles utilizing the largest GSM network in the entire country. Acess reports and vehicle positions from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser!

PT 10 Live Trac

Personal GPS Tracking Unit


Product Features

Compact gps tracker, with attached belt clip. Can easly fit in a pocket oir purse, or placed in a vehicle glove box, or under a seat.

  • Motion Activated Live Tracking! 
  • Updates Every 10 Seconds Or 20'. 
  • Access From Any Web Enabled Computer. 
  • Data Transmitted Via GPRS (ATT Digital Cellular Network). 
  • Battery Life 8 Hrs. Of Motion (While Moving). 
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 90 Day Historical Playback
  • Monitors Speeds - Alerts When Speed Thresholds Are Exceeded
  • Coverage Area: ATT Digital Cellular Network
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 1340 mAh 3.7V
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Live Trac PT10 Professional

Magnetic case with GPS Tracker


Product Features

The PT10 Live Trac in a waterproof enclosure, attached to a powerful magnet with a pulling force of 70 pounds. Automatically powers up when movement is detected. Unit can remain in standby for up to an estimated 60 days.

  • UNLIMITED LIVE Tracking Via The Internet
  • 60 Hour Battery - Tracks Every 20' Or Every 10 Seconds
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
  • Motion Sensor
  • Historical Playback: Up To 90 Days - Everywhere Its Been!
  • Waterproof Magnetic Mount Case (70 lb pull magnet)
  • No Contracts - Service is billed Month To Month! 
  • Data Transmitted Via GPRS (ATT Digital Cellular Network). 
  • Speed threshold alerts
  • Accessible from any web browser
Tracking options and reporting

This small unit can be installed easily in virtually any vehicle. Access your vehicle location anytime via an easy to use web interface. An industry leading choice of over 20 reports is available to you, including the ability to playback vehicle movement for the past 90 days. Reports can be received via email, or accessed online.

You can even define a zone for your vehicle. and be alerted whenever the vehicle leaves that zone. All in the same, easy to use interface. Live customer support help is available from 7am to 7pm to assist you.

Call us now to purchase your GPS tracker today at (512) 447-6331


Prices are subject to 8.25% Texas state sales tax. Activation fee of $29.95 is required to activate the service. The monthly fee of $39.95 does not require a long term contract.

Contact us with any questions!

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