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Client Testimonials

I have retained Travis Investigations on numerous occasions to help with background checks. Ms. Travis is professional, responsive and thorough. I think highly of Travis Investigations and would not hesitate to utilize their services in the future.

Principal at Thomas Consulting Group Robert Thomas


Dear Ms Travis,
I want to express my gratitude for the OUTSTANDING WORK that you provided for me in recovering a car that had been stolen from our house in Augusta GA and taken to Austin without my knowledge.
You were extremely thorough, professional, and accommodating in the performance of your services while retrieving the auto. Having little experience in these matters, you made this experience quick and painless after we found your company on the website.
I would be happy to recommend you to any of your potential clients, and will be sure to contact you again should I need your service in the future.
Daniel D.

Jamison is a detail-oriented, meticulous business person. In all her dealings, she strives for excellence and achieves great results. She is obsessive when on a job and expects nothing less than perfection. She is very easy to work with, and provides great value for the money.

Charles Rawlings
Attorney at Rawlings Law Firm


I like working with Jamison and have always found her effective. She is creative, tenacious and creative in her ways to accomplish the goals we set.

Scott Smith
Owner, Law Office of Scott C. Smith


"Jamison goes to great lengths to get the information I need when I need it. She responds immediately, understands exactly what I want and has creative ideas about how to get it. She is outstanding in searching records, locating persons and interviewing witnesses and potential witnesses, among other things. Having used Jamison for many investigations, I would not consider using any other investigator."

—Vella M. Fink, Pittman & Fink, P.C.


"I have worked with Jamison Travis since 1999. Jamison digs deep for information and has an absolutely pestiferous quality that breaks down the resistance of reluctant witnesses."

—Woody Edmiston, Police Chief, City of Jonestown

"Thank you for helping us to accomplish such a major task in our family. Your work has made such a difference in the future of Tristan's life. We are sure glad we met you... and when we did, we were hopeful, not knowing what to expect. Now we are just thankful and appreciative of your ability, your professionalism and your integrity. God bless you."

—Michael P.

"I had a serious problem finding an individual who had accepted $940 in an online transaction (on a secure, verified site!) and failed to send my merchandise or contact me. I had run into a wall trying to find an address, a phone number, or any shred of information to track him down. I searched online and was fortunate enough to find Travis Investigations. In a matter of a couple of hours they found out everything needed to locate the person (and called to tell me). Within a few short days they got my merchandise from the individual and shipped it to me at a very reasonable rate. Thank you, Travis Investigations, for your diligence, communication and service."

—Walter K., Oklahoma

"Simply put, Jamison Travis and her staff at Travis Investigations are worth their weight in gold. The circumstances of my divorce and custody battle were not easy to deal with. My first conversation with Jamison eased my fears and anxieties in that she spoke to me more as a person than a potential client. Her experience really came through as she wowed me with suggestions and ideas for what her agency could provide. Her ideas are clever, creative, and well-thought out. During her investigation, she and her investigators conducted themselves with professionalism and demonstrated their expertise. My legal endeavers are not done yet, but I rest well knowing that Travis Investigations has armed me with the information that I need, and that they are there should I need them again."

—Lee Fox, Web and Data Services, ERCOT

Dear Jamison.
   I just wanted to let you know how fortunate I feel to have picked you from the list of possible resources in Austin. You have just the right mix of professionalism and compassion to ease what was a very difficult situation. Your amazingly  quick response plus frequent updates gave us the information we needed without a prolonged period of anxiety. Your taking of information was gentle but at the same time focused, relevant and helped us organize our own  thoughts.It is all such a delicate balance but you did it all with consummate skill. My daughter can get on with her life with the absolute confidence that she made the right decision based on your work. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

--With Warmest Regards, Tom and Lynne from Washington State


Interacting with Travis Investigations was a great experience.  Jamison Travis and her staff are incredibly efficient, pleasant, prompt, and thorough.  I was very impressed with how much they unearthed in just a few hours of billable time.  The reports I received were articulate and well-organized.  I recommend them whole-heartedly.

--Frances H. Austin, Texas


I had the opportunity to use Jamison Travis to locate a remote romantic interest from forty years ago. Despite the girl friend’s five intervening marriages, name changes,address changes,etc,Ms Jamison, through researching distant real estate transactions, calls to possible friends or relatives,etc, she was able  locate her, enabling me to contact her and renew our friendship, though Platonic at this stage.Ms Jamison’s fee was reasonable and all has been kept confidential. She inspires confidence and is a consummate professional.

--GL,retired MD

Jamison is very capable and talented Investigator. On the assignments I have assigned to her agency, all have been completed with above expectation results.

Chet Engstrom
Owner/Manager/Private Investiator at Covert Investigations


Jamison is probably the only agency I know of in Austin to have military GEN-3 night vision equipment. An absolute must have piece of equipment for any night time surveillance.


I've worked with Jamison on numerous projects over the years. A pleasure to work with, as she prefers to delegate a task, rather than micro manage as so many do. She is willing to consider suggestions from others before making decisions, but ultimately makes the final choice.

Joe Mizera
Owner, Mizera Digital Video


I highly recommend Jamison Travis, principal at Travis Investigations.
She is a reliable professional who truly cares about her clients. I know her to be conscientious and ethical, an investigator who will go the extra mile no matter the circumstances to deliver good work.

Adrienne Travis
Owner Edit PDQ Writing, Editing, Online Content


Jamison really knows how to get the goods for her clients. She trains and works with the best investigators making sure they also provide professional quality, court-ready reports. Clever and able to use the latest technology, she's one of the best out there.

Karl Buck
Global Alliance Solution Manager, IT Architect at IBM




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